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[Classics:] Mailings and Newsletters

Expert commentary – new industrial construction guidelines, multi-stage mailing action throughout Germany

Idea | concept | text and graphics | address database organization | dispatch handling | response check

Cli­ent: Dt. Rock­wool Mine­ral­woll GmbH, Glad­beck

There are two pos­si­bi­li­ties: Act when it is cold or react when it gets warm. Our custo­mer as well as the Brussels-based EU legis­la­tive have deci­ded for acting. Both think: Pre­ven­tion is bet­ter than having to view steel bent in a sea of fla­mes.

Folder in direct marketing

Concept | text |  typography | graphic design | production

Cli­ent: SOBS Her­ren­mo­den GmbH, Köln

Life­style ori­en­ted people from Colo­gne with hig­her income need not necessa­rily tra­vel to Düs­sel­dorf in order to aquire desi­gner fashion:
The modern stylish design of all adver­ti­sing media using well-known key visu­als, such as Cesare Atto­lini and Kiton, har­mo­nise per­fectly with the demand on the tailor’s art of the renow­ned haber­da­sher..

Wine newsletter in direct marketing 

Branch re-launch | direct marketing concept | graphic design | text | production

Cli­ent: Wirt­schafts­för­de­rungs­in­sti­tut Süd­ti­ro­ler Wein, Bozen

There is no exact date as to when man star­ted cul­ti­vating wine. But what hap­pened during the mil­li­ons of years in-bet­ween, during which wines from Alto Adige acqui­red a rather „out­da­ted old-fashio­ned“ image, that is what we should be able to find out.
We enjoyed the plea­sant syn­ergy effect bet­ween „cigar and red wine“ in order to intro­duce a change of image and the re-posi­tio­n­ing of their high qua­lity wines for the Busi­ness Deve­lop­ment Insti­tute in Bol­zano in Alto Adige wine adver­ti­sing.