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[Classics:] Calendars and Coffee-table Books

Wall calender 2008 – 2017

Concept | photo design | graphic implementation | production control

Cli­ent: Bayer Crop­Sci­ence Deutsch­land GmbH, Lan­gen­feld

For some years alre­ady a series of popu­lar, topic-spe­ci­fic calen­dars por­tray­ing  pho­to­gra­phi­cally impres­sive moti­ves of natu­ral land­s­capes which are much more than only opti­mi­zed food pro­duc­tion areas — they are sustain­ably func­tio­n­ing habi­tats.

Coffee-table book
„Awakening – chronicle of architectural vision“

Concept | photo design | text | typography | graphic design | production

Cli­ent: Bernd Rei­ter Gruppe, Hürth

The con­ver­sion of the old foundry area “Kle­fisch” into a modern office and resi­den­tial area requi­red instinc­tive fee­ling, power of ima­gi­na­tion and a high degree of archi­tec­tu­ral pass-time. Cof­fee-table books are collector’s items as well. Cof­fee-table books do not yel­low. We were influ­en­ced by this, and have com­bi­ned the archi­tec­tu­ral trends of decon­struc­tio­nism in an ade­quate frame. „Awa­ke­n­ing“ was pro­du­ced – a cof­fee-table book on the com­ple­tion of the art and media quar­ter in Hürth.

Commemorative publication and chronicle on the „75 years Bayer Ski Club“ jubilee

Concept | research | text | typography | image processing/restoration | graphic design | production

Cli­ent: Ski-Club Bayer e.V., Lever­ku­sen

The first sys­te­ma­tic and com­pre­hen­sive work, por­tray­ing the event­ful history of the club opens for pos­te­rity „a win­dow to the past“: Those who can deve­lop a soft spot for (sports) history will expe­ri­ence how enor­mously thril­ling 75 years can be in retro­s­pect. Unfor­tu­n­a­tely, loo­king back was some­ti­mes melan­cho­lic or even sad,  given that con­tem­porary wit­nes­ses were dif­fi­cult to find after all those years.