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[Classics:] Film and Animations

Image film
„The whole world of laundry technology“

Storyboard | images and sound | cut and post-production

Cli­ent: Kan­ne­gies­ser GmbH, Vlo­tho

What star­ted with four employees in a woo­den shack near the town of Vlo­tho with pres­sing machi­nes for the clot­hing indus­try, deve­lo­ped into a glo­bal player which offers the ent­ire pro­duct range in indus­trial laundry tech­no­logy. It was our task to pre­sent the field of laundry tech­no­logy, flat tex­ti­les, moul­ded parts and cross-sys­tem tech­no­logy ent­i­rely and yet clearly. First les­son: Dimen­si­ons. We are not tal­king about a hol­ding capa­city of 8 kg in the drums in our homes, but of 4 … tons per hour.


Concept | storyboard | set organization | logistics | recording | 3D animation | composing post-production

Cli­ent: Bayer Crop­Sci­ence Deutsch­land GmbH, Lan­gen­feld

In a series of short video clips for Bayer Crop­Sci­ence Deutsch­land the 3D ani­ma­ted fic­tio­nal cha­rac­ter and popu­lar figure „Biscaya“ visua­li­ses and argues the advan­ta­ges of the high-tech insec­ticide of the same name. Pro­du­ced for use at fairs, custo­mer events and on the inter­net.

Image film

Concept | storyboard | set organization | logistics | recording | composing post-production

Cli­ent: Bayer Mate­ri­al­Sci­ence AG (today Cove­stro AG), Lever­ku­sen

In times of sen­sory over­load, it is a mat­ter of buil­ding enter­tai­ning brid­ges bet­ween dra­ma­turgy and con­tent.

Image film

Storyboard | images and sound | cut and post-production

Cli­ent: Bayer Crop­Sci­ence Deutsch­land GmbH, Lan­gen­feld

All life deri­ves from water, and life on earth would be unt­hin­ka­ble without water. For this rea­son the pre­ven­tion of water pol­lu­tion has top prio­rity when app­ly­ing pesti­ci­des wit­hin the frame­work of sustain­able agri­cul­ture. Bayer Crop­Sci­ence has com­mit­ted its­elf con­sistently as well as inno­va­tively to this goal by deve­lo­ping the “Phy­to­bac” brand. We have made the invi­si­ble visi­ble and thus demons­trate to inte­rested agri­cul­tu­ra­list how the clo­sed phy­to­bac cir­cu­la­tory sys­tem pre­vents input by point source sustain­ably.

Product short film:
Raw materials for self-healing coatings

Concept | storyboard | casting | recording | post-production

Cli­ent: Bayer Mate­ri­al­Sci­ence AG (today Cove­stro AG), Lever­ku­sen

Here it was a mat­ter of deve­lo­ping topi­cal aes­thetics and dra­ma­turgy – bey­ond the obdu­rate charm of indus­trial film. Ins­tead of a che­mist arguing with tele­promp­ter in a labo­ra­tory envi­ron­ment, we chose a more appe­aling set­ting in a stu­dio.