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[Classics:] Ads/media


Management | Print | Online

Media­da­ten­re­cher­che und Media­aus­wer­tun­gen

  1. Ziel­grup­pen­an­ga­ben
  2. Reich­wei­ten
  3. TKP
  4. Anzahl Schaltungen/Zeitraum
  5. Kos­ten etc.

Cli­ent: IVG Immo­bi­lien AG, Bonn

Erstel­lung von Media­plä­nen und
Schal­tung von Image- und Per­so­nal­an­zei­gen

  1. Selek­tion der rele­van­ten Print– und Online­me­dien
  2. Indi­vi­du­elle Aus­ge­stal­tung / kun­den­spe­zi­fi­sche Ergän­zung der Online-Pakete nach Bran­chen Berufs­grup­pen, geo­gra­fisch, Hochschul­marketing, spe­zi­elle Fach-Por­tale etc.
  3. HTML-Erstel­lung mit Ein­bin­dung der rele­van­ten Key­words
  4. Rubri­zie­rung und Nach­ver­schlag­wor­tung
  5. Gestal­tung, Texterstellung/-unterstützung, Lek­to­rat, Text­kor­rek­tur und AGG-Kon­trolle
  6. Mil­li­me­ter­ar­beit bei Print­an­zei­gen, Satz, Bild­be­ar­bei­tung, Pre­press
  7. Auf­trags­ab­wick­lung und Rech­nungs­prü­fung mit allen Jobbörsen/-brokern und Print­me­dien
  8. Qua­li­täts­kon­trolle, Doku­men­ta­tion und Auswertung/Schaltreports

Job offers

Graphic implementation | typesetting | editorial work | media planning and purchase

Cli­ent: IVG Immo­bi­lien AG, Bonn

Whe­ther fund con­trol­ler or invest­ment mana­ger. From Asso­ciate Port­fo­lio Manage­ment to appren­ti­ce­ship as mecha­tro­nic expert at Etzel sto­rage caverns: whene­ver IVG Immo­bi­lien AG – a large real estate and infra­st­ruc­ture com­pany in Europe – is loo­king for qua­li­fied spe­cia­lists and mana­gers, we pro­vide sup­port in the crea­tive and media field. Prin­ted as well as online.

Series of general public ads
„Artwalk – The step to a work of art”

Finding a product name with slogan | model casting | image shooting | image composing | private ads and web banner concept| media planning

Cli­ent: Bayer Mate­ri­al­Sci­ence AG, Lever­ku­sen (today Cove­stro AG)

Any­thing is pos­si­ble as long as it is appre­cia­ted: Free­dom of design without limits and the crea­ti­vity of the custo­mer result in fasci­na­ting uni­que floor spe­ci­men. At the begin­ning there were the name and adver­ti­sing con­cept. As lead agency we have later per­fec­ted the „Acces­si­ble piece of art made of cast resin“ by using the highly appro­priate name of ARTWALK sta­ging a holistic mar­ke­ting stra­tegy.

Series of specialist ads

Concept | graphic design | media handling

Cli­ent: Bayer Crop­Sci­ence Deutsch­land GmbH, Lan­gen­feld

The func­tio­na­lity of highly active pesti­ci­des — given the fre­quently emo­tio­nally ideo­lo­gi­cal debate on cli­mate change – is a thril­ling task. In a series of spe­cia­li­zed ads for Bayer Crop­Sci­ence Deutsch­land the 3D ani­ma­ted fic­tio­nal cha­rac­ter and popu­lar figure “Biscaya” visua­li­zes and argues the advan­ta­ges of the high-tech insec­ticide of the same name.


Ideenfindung | Fotoshooting | Bildcomposing | Grafikdesign |
UND: das Gespür für den richtigen Konditor

Cli­ent: IVG Immo­bi­lien AG, Bonn

Hoch­wer­tige Büro- und Logis­ti­k­im­mo­bi­lien sowie Spe­zi­al­fonds für pri­vate und institutio­nelle Anle­ger erfor­dern eine krea­tiv-sen­si­ble und seriöse Umset­zung der Kom­mu­ni­ka­ti­ons­stra­te­gie.

Image­trans­fer und Wie­der­erken­nungs­wert inklu­sive.
Es galt die Posi­tionierung der IVG Immo­bi­lien AG als füh­rende Immobilien­gesellschaft Euro­pas zu fes­ti­gen.

Supplement series with mailing and telephone marketing

Campaign idea | concept | graphic design | slogan and text preparation | media planning and implementation | organization | telephone marketing

Cli­ent: Roplasto Kunst­off-Pro­file GmbH, Ber­gisch Glad­bach

Repla­ce­able pro­ducts – the hor­ror for every adver­ti­sing pro­fes­sio­nal. Cou­ra­ge­ous deci­sion-maker – the dream of the crea­ti­ves. There are many of the first – there are very few of the lat­ter. We were for­tu­n­ate enough to meet one. Or, when have you pas­sed your custo­mers back­han­ded com­pli­ments such as: „Your opi­nion does not count“, „You have no idea!“ or even „Up yours …“ at Win­dow Con­struc­tion Fair in Hall 2, Stand 12.